Technology-driven innovation

Customer experience has become the critical differentiator for every organization. In an increasingly digital economy, shoppers, patients and patrons expect an effortless and integrated customer experience.

Whether it be at the customer attraction, discovery, or purchase step, we show organizations how to deliver innovative customer experiences through technology to win customer loyalty.

We help companies reach customers through multiple channels of interaction – online, mobile apps, voice with video, live chats and other touch points – all while bringing the conversations and data into a single customer experience, regardless of medium.

Mobile App Development

With mobile apps often serving front and center of customer experience initiatives, WWT can bring the expertise to develop custom, front-end consumer applications. We’ve developed applications in support of customer experience initiatives ranging from in-store kiosks for retail to location aware experiences for healthcare to integrated Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

Our engineering teams use technical best practices to ensure software is developed the right way, with ongoing customer communication to guarantee the apps perform and function exactly as they need to. This facilitates ongoing focus and attention to how the app fits into its own and larger customer experience strategies from the beginning through the end of the engagement.

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Data Analytics

A byproduct of customer experience-oriented technologies is an improved ability to capture information on customer behaviors and activity patterns. The massive amounts of new customer data that an integrated IT customer experience strategy will produce can sometimes feel overwhelming.

WWT’s Big Data practice can help you efficiently capture, analyze and act upon customer experience-generated data. By utilizing Big Data analytics to predict demand, personalize marketing, or optimize price, you’ll be able to operate more efficiently, influence customer behavior, and become more competitive.

WWT’s Big Data practice can help you efficiently capture, analyze and act upon customer experience-generated data.

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Customer Collaboration

From applying for a mortgage via a tablet while sitting comfortably on a sofa to receiving clinical health care at a distance, today’s connected consumer expects seamless communication at a time and place that fits their schedule. Meeting consumer expectations requires a cohesive strategy and an appropriate IT infrastructure.

WWT can help you understand your customers’ journey and create a solution to fully meet your customers’ expectations while providing high availability and reliability. This can involve building out best-in-class wireless infrastructure for your physical locations or providing back-end systems integration to bring multiple, siloed communications channels into a single, manageable system to provide consistent and persistent customer interactions across any number of devices and touch points.

Business Intelligence

Understanding the different concerns, backgrounds, and expectations of every customer, patient, or patron that comes to your organization is essential. WWT can build financial models specific to customer experience, which can in turn be used to quantify the impact of customer experience solutions on reoccurring costs, productivity and other cost categories.

By better understanding the drivers and impacts behind various kinds of investments in customer experience solutions, we can help you target your investments into the areas where you can provide the most value to your customers while improving customer loyalty and brand recognition.