Customer Success

Aligning technology tools, investment and consumption to realize strategic outcomes is a critical component of any technology transformation.

Enterprise Agreements (EAs) and subscriptions should not be viewed as mere pricing instruments. With effective management, EAs are not only efficient pricing models but critical strategic tools to realize the technology outcomes necessary to stay relevant in today's competitive environment. 

By factoring in services that support technology evaluation, design and adoption, WWT’s EA+ program helps redefine EAs as crucial consumption vehicles that can drive innovation by enabling IT teams to take advantage of today’s rapid evolution of software-driven capabilities.

By leveraging WWT's EA+ program, our integrated solution team will guide you through the entire process ensuring you:

  • Make the best choice of consumption models and supporting ROI analysis working with our pre-signature software advisors
  • Completely understand all the software and tools required to ensure success and help build a roadmap to get you there, leveraging our Onboarding and Integration team
  • Ensure you have the latest consumption analytics and technology changes to proactively drive critical decision making working directly with your Customer Success Manager throughout the term of your agreement
  • Access the latest labs and training programs delivered through our Adoption Services delivery teams, Advanced Technology Center and Global Engineering teams
Paths to Customer Success
Our Customer Success teams can help you maximize the ROI from technology investments across a wide variety of scenarios. We provide value at every step of the journey — from making initial software decisions through training workers to get the most from your investment. Explore your paths to success.


Roadmap to Business Value

EA+ is a full lifecycle model designed to identify the key components of a successful EA engagement. WWT’s experienced Customer Success teams provide the targeted education across each critical element, helping customers understand and plan a custom roadmap to success. By leading with education, EA+ from WWT anticipates potential pain points and accelerates how quickly customers can realize individual outcomes.

Developing a detailed roadmap for success requires business value conversations around how to align EA components with overall business strategy. To maximize the value of an EA, customers must fully be aware of the various challenges that might face.

Additional Resources

EA+ Business Value Overview

Creating a roadmap for success requires a business value focus. Explore the WWT value overview for more information. 

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