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DevOps Self-Assessment

This online tool will ask a series of quick questions about how your organization delivers software and services. The self-assessment will help determine your overall evolution in service delivery by highlighting those capabilities implemented by high-performing organizations.

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What to Expect

There are three categories with six questions in each. These questions address your organization's culture, processes and technical practices related to your service or software delivery.

  • Immediate results are sent directly to your inbox
  • Next steps to increase your DevOps proficiency
  • Recommendations to improve your results
  • Multiple choice answers: agree, disagree and neutral
  • Easy to follow layout
  • About 10 - 15 min. to complete
What to Expect


DevOps combines cultural philosophies, methodologies, infrastructure and tools that increase a team's ability to deliver software and services successfully. Teams implementing DevOps practices leverage these capabilities to deliver greater business value for their organization by enabling a faster time to market and a shorter time to revenue.

What does the self-assessment measure?



How much your team is following DevOps practices.



How much your delivery processes are successfully employing DevOps.


Technical Practices

How much your technologies are successfully employing DevOps.

Scoring Ranges


Displaying high DevOps practices and is already in a good place with continuous delivery.


Displaying some DevOps practices, but could be improved.


Displaying few DevOps practices and could largely benefit from implementing changes.

What you'll get:

  • Next steps you can take to increase your DevOps proficiency
  • Recommendations to improve on your results
  • Case study examples of organizations WWT has worked with to improve DevOps practices.


What you'll get:

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