Validate Industry 4.0 use cases and applications in real places with real people.

Innovation Studio


Industry 4.0 will make the enterprise more agile, aware, efficient, intelligent, safe and sustainable. But what does it look like? What does it mean? How can you see it?

WWT's Innovation Studio helps customers engage with Industry 4.0 use cases as they were intended to be experienced -- on the factory floor, shopping on the go, taking a break in a coffee shop or walking into a stadium.  

Don't just think it will work. Know it will. 





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Practical and actionable insights at your fingertips.

Manufacturers produce massive amounts of data, which could lead to tablet-enabled control of the factory floor -- the holy grail of manufacturing automation use cases. They're challenged, however, to access or extract the data to make it happen. 

5 Steps Manufacturers Can Take to Drive Industry 4.0

Think outside the store to meet customers on their own terms.

Today's buying journey, which was once straightforward and rigid, is now exponentially more dynamic and digital. Technology must follow suit to provide a level of speed, personalization and awareness.

5 Steps Retailers Can Drive Industry 4.0

Think differently about how healthcare is delivered.

As medicine becomes more personalized, healthcare organizations are reimagining every aspect of their operations, from triage and treatment to patient experience and internal processes. Care may be a four-letter word, but it's no longer confined to the four walls of a hospital or doctor's office. 

Transforming Healthcare with Cloud-Native Services at the Edge

Industry 4.0 will transform the enterprise­­ to be more agile, aware, efficient, intelligent, safe and sustainable by unifying key technologies:

Cloud Computing

Modern Connectivity

Edge Computing

Endpoint Devices

IoT/Edge Applications

WWT has technical, industry and architectural expertise to make Industry 4.0 work.

Strategy and execution for Industry 4.0
Establish a clear path for what is needed and leave with a vision of what successful implementation and adoption looks like. Get started 

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We're at the dawn of a new breed of applications that will unlock the potential of Industry 4.0 --a fourth industrial revolution that will make the enterprise more agile, aware, efficient, intelligent, safe and sustainable. Industry 4.0 is enabled by critical technologies that are each reaching peak maturity at the same time. When these technologies work cohesively and are supported by modern connectivity like private LTE and 5G, massive companies can move at the speed of a startup while maintaining their brut market strength while meeting their internal needs. Host Robb Boyd talks to WWT's Dan Graham, Don Rogers and Jason Craig to discuss Industry 4.0, how it works, who can piece it together and how it paves the way for a wave of new Fortune 500 companies.