Virtual Event

DISA & Mission Partner Tech Session

3 hrs

Event Overview

What to Expect

We will dive into how consolidating traditional firewall services with application layer security reduces cost and complexity and improves security at the data center perimeter. Whether you are new to NGINX, starting your first NGINX project or refining your DevOps skills, this session will give you a solid foundation to better understand and manage NGINX using best practices. Discover how to prevent bots and bad humans from abusing and exploiting the intended functionality on web and mobile applications while delivering a friction-free user experience and helping to extend user CAC- or MFA-enabled sessions.
  • Identify how to proactively defend agency applications against bots, account takeovers and other attacks aimed at theft of sensitive information and government resources
  • Learn about high-performance SSL termination, decryption and orchestration
  • Explore the single security management pane
  • See a full micro-service-based application deployed to a Kubernetes cluster
  • Learn how to publish the application with NGINX Plus Ingress Controller and monitor it with the real time dashboard

Goals & Objectives

Gain knowledge on Shape Security through various DoD use cases.

Who should attend?

DISA & DOD end users
Registering is free and only takes a minute.