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Thursday, January 12, 2017 @ 12:00 pm - 12:35 pm CST

Effectively deliver services from the branch office

Today, 90 percent of most organizations’ revenue is attained at the branch office, where 80 percent of customer-facing employees work and create value. To succeed in this era of digitization, it’s essential that organizations have a modern WAN platform for their branch offices that can effectively deliver digital services.

A software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) solution can give you the foundation you need to not just survive digitization but thrive in the face of it.

Join us Thursday, Jan. 12, 2017 at 10 a.m. PST / 1 p.m. EST, as industry-leading experts explore the latest trends in delivering digital services from branch offices and the benefits of SD-WAN adoption.





Learn how SD-WAN solutions:

  • Optimize the performance of applications
  • Allow for the remote provisioning of new equipment
  • Optimize staff and total cost of ownership through automated management and orchestration

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Thursday, January 12, 2017
12:00 pm - 12:35 pm CST
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  • Neil Anderson
    Practice Director, Network Solutions

    Neil Anderson has more than 25 years of experience in software and networking, including software development, mobile device and network design, IP networking architectures and systems architecture. At WWT, Neil leads the network solutions group within the global engineering team, which includes data center networking, cloud edge, infrastructure automation, wireless and location analytics, network analytics, routing, switching and IoT solutions.

    Q&A with Neil Anderson

    Tell us about your background and how you got into technology.
    I started working with technology and software while still in high school and found out I was pretty good at it, which led to studying computer science in college. Since then I’ve always tried to jump into new and different technology domains to challenge myself and grow, from software to telephony to mobile/cellular to networking to mobile apps and so on.
    What is your role at WWT?
    My role at WWT is to lead network solutions, which includes just about every networking technology. If it moves an IP packet, chances are my team is involved, including data center networking, wireless, routing, switching, network analytics and automation. Our team directs the strategy for our go-to-market offers, working with our major technology providers and customers to develop the most impactful solutions. We also develop and showcase integrated solution architectures within our Advanced Technology Center.
    What innovation is happening in networking that has you really excited?

    Software-defined networking (SDN) and the inherent automation which accompanies SDN are transforming organizations and leading to new business models. SDN and automation fundamentally change the way IT operates, how organizations interact with their customers and the way businesses develop and deliver their services now and in the future. It's the largest technology and market transition in networking in 15 years.
    Describe a recent interaction with a customer that lead to solving a problem.
    Many of the customers I work with are embracing large scale network modernization initiatives to change the way they deliver IT. It has been very rewarding to work with them to introduce new models for networking, as well as how to fundamentally increase their organizations' productivity and agility. A critical part of that is to understand their current and future business needs in order to help them put the right foundational network infrastructure in place to achieve their vision.
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  • Bill Thompson
    Practice Manager, Mobility & Access Advanced Technology Center (ATC) Development

    Bill brings 19 years of experience to WWT in routing and switching, security, and network management solutions. Since joining WWT, Bill’s accomplishments include developing the SD-WAN demos and automating lab and proof-of-concept environments for the WWT Advanced Technology Center (ATC). He also developed an impairment generator with a simple web interface for the ATC.

    Q&A with Bill Thompson

    Tell us about your background and how you got into technology.
    While attending college for pre-med, I took a programming class in C and was hooked. I changed my major to computer science and soon landed a job as a student worker in network infrastructure. Connecting people together in ways that helped them communicate more effectively excited me. My passion for learning new technologies and educating others has persisted over the last 19 years and continues today.
    Describe your role at WWT.
    My role at WWT is assisting our customers in making educated decisions on the direction they evolve their branch and campus networks. Specifically, I have developed technology demonstrations, assisted customers in determining how those technologies fit into their current environment and created automated environments for our labs in the Advanced Technology Center.
    What innovation is happening in the data center that has you really excited?
    Software defined networking has me really excited. The potential to automate some of those mundane tasks that take up half of our days as engineers is endless. Imagine the ability to make our jobs more effective and freeing up time to research and develop new technologies.
    Describe a recent interaction with a customer that led to solving a problem.
    With one of my passions being the ability to help fellow engineers work more effectively, I have helped several customers gain insight into the applications that are active on their networks over time. This helped our customers to prioritize the bandwidth usage for business critical applications and reduced the number of help desk calls due to over utilization.
  • Brandon Swagman
    Technical Solutions Architect

    Brandon Swagman is a Technical Solutions Architect based in St. Louis, MO.

    Q&A with Brandon Swagman

    Tell us about your background and how you got into technology.
    I graduated from Ranken Technical College in St. Louis Missouri. After college, I spent 10+ years working with multiple enterprise and data center networks, primarily focusing on routing and switching. Over the last few years I have branched into application delivery, using multiple application network load balancing platforms. Solving different business challenges through technology has always been an interest for me.
    What is your role at WWT?
    As a Technical Solutions Architect, my primary focus is in on Proof of Concept testing for customers. I work with the field engineers and customers to vet, build, and execute various test scenarios. My goal is to help customers gain a firm understanding of the technology and how it can solve the desired business goal.
    What innovation is happening in your technology focus area that has you really excited?
    Cisco iWAN has been very interesting to me and has consumed most of my time here at World Wide Technology. Specifically, the DMVPN and PFRv3 components of IWAN have the potential to save customers from expensive wide area network circuits cost.
    Describe a recent interaction with a customer that led to solving a problem.
    I have been part of several Proofs of Concept aimed to help customers understand Cisco iWAN and to determine how to migrate it into their environment. This experience has helped me to understand that all customers have some component that makes their environment unique.