Global Enterprise Modernization Software and Services (GEMSS) Quick Reference Guide for Army

Please ensure that your Cisco Connection Online (CCO) ID is associated to Cisco GEMSS Program. Base year contract end date is 20 June 2022. Please contact armyhtom@cisco.com for assistance.



The Army's Global Enterprise Modernization Software and Services (GEMSS) program is an innovative support vehicle that expands the Army access to technical services and enables unlimited software licenses for Cisco routing, switching and wireless technology.



Cisco Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) Networking Enterprise Agreement. 


Cisco SmartNet Total Care (SNTC) and Cisco Software Support (SWSS), plus prolonged cyber vulnerability remediation for Cisco C3750, C3650, C3560, C3850 switches.

Advanced Services

Cisco Advanced Services (AS) delivered by appropriately cleared Cisco operations managers and network engineers.

Customer Success Resources 

Consultations with technical experts--customer success executives, activation specialists, and service delivery managers to optimize solutions and accelerate time to value. Details at: https://www.wwt.com/gemss-enablement-resources 

Lifelong Learning

Training for staff is available through Cisco Network Academy (NetAcad) & Cisco Digital Learning (CDL)



DNA Advantage for Routing

Includes traditional features in use today, in addition to software-defined functionality.

DNA Advantage for Switching

Includes traditional features while adding software-defined access, automation and provisioning, enhanced security and analytics.*

DNA Advantage for Wireless

Location-based services, automated on-boarding, secure access.*

Network Management

Access to centralized software for management and automation.

Voice, Video and Security Software

Previous Army enterprise agreements include licenses for Cisco Collaboration Voice, Video, Identity Services Engine, Umbrella and Any Connect.

Downloading Cisco Software

For a full list of available software visit https://www.wwt.com/gemss-product-resource-guide. Users must have a Cisco.com account, registered with a Mail.mil or Army.mil email address, to access software. All software can be consumed through https://cloud.email-wwt.com/Cisco-License-Access.

* Some features require DNA Center (DNAC). For assistance, please contact  usarmyciscodna@wwt.com.

Be sure to associate your Cisco.com account with the correct contract number. For help, visit https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/about/help/login-account-help.html.


High Touch Operations Management (HTOM)

Cisco provides a single point of contact for case prioritization and support of open Cisco service requests; monitoring of all return material authorizations (RMAs); and coordination of Cisco support organizations, escalation processes and customer resources for service request. The HTOM is responsible for assisting the customer and for addressing, researching, resolving and responding on issues relating to licensing.

High Touch Technical Support (HTTS)

Cisco provides reactive support by cleared and Cisco-certified technical engineers from 8 a.m.-8 p.m. (Eastern). Overnight on-call support is available. Support includes access to Cisco IOS updates, the ability to transfer data and the ability to communicate at network security levels.

Advanced Services Resources

Cisco engineers at specifically designated locations will provide services to support implementation, delivery and management.

Asset Management

Cisco will provide resources to create, maintain, and document Cisco hardware, software and all license requirements.


SmartNet Total Care Technical Support (SNTC)

Unlimited 24/7/365 SNTC support for all Army-owned, Cisco-branded, hardware and software. Four-hour replacement for up to a 10% of the Army's identified installed base list for equipment available within a 4-hour delivery radius of a Cisco Depot.

Software Support Services (SWSS)

Unlimited 24/7/365 SWSS for all SWSS-eligible and entitled Cisco application software.



Existing Products: Licenses and Training

For licenses and access to Cisco Digital Learning (CDL), use Cisco License Access and Download Request form: https://cloud.email-wwt.com/Cisco-License-Access

Users must provide the following:

  1. Command / Organization for smart account provisioning and approval chain
  2. Quantity of licenses requested
  3. Licensing Specifics / Features Required
  4. Hardware / Appliance Model

New Product Purchases

New Cisco hardware platforms come bundled with software licenses and support. At the time of purchase, procurements must be associated with the correct smart account. To take advantage of the EA, you must provide contracting with the following: 

  1. Smart Account Name: "United States Army"
  2. Smart Account Domain: "Army.mil"
  3. Virtual Account: Command or Organization


To access software licenses, customers must associate their Cisco.com account with the "Army.mil" smart account. Customers can gain access to the correct smart account by either of the following:

  1. Contact usarmyciscosmartaccount@wwt.com and provide:
    1. Cisco.com userID
    2. Army Command
    3. Access Requirements
  2. Submit a request through software.cisco.com using the "Existing Account" or "New Account" request link.

The account domain identifier will be "Army.mil" and in the "Reason for Request" box, users will need to provide their Command or Organization info.


Cisco Network Academy is available to 20,000+ Soldiers, Army Veterans, Army Civilians and contractors. To access the training portal visit https://www.wwt.com/lifelong-learning-through-cisco-education










Modified July 27, 2021



Unlimited 24/7/365 SNTC support and Software Support Services (SWSS) for all Army-owned Cisco-branded hardware and eligible software covered for the Base Year. Use this as the first option for any existing Cisco product or service issues.

How to Open Service Requests

Severity Levels 1 and 2

  1. Call the Technical Assistance Center (TAC) at 800-553-2447, Option 1
  2. Live Customer Hand-off to a Cisco engineer

Severity Levels 3 and 4

Open your service request using the online tool: https://mycase.cloudapps.cisco.com/case 

Information Needed to Open a Service Request

  1. Your Cisco.com ID and contact information (full name)
  2. Severity of your service request (see Severity Levels listed below)
  3. Preferred contact method (email, phone number)
  4. GEMSS Contract #204233836 and device serial number
  5. Description of your issue (symptoms, business impact, technology)
  6. Site information (for verification purposes)
  7. Details on troubleshooting steps you have taken

Severity Levels

Severity 1 (S1). Network or environment is down or there is a critical issue affecting business operations. WWT and Cisco, along with the Government POC, will commit to 24x7 coverage until the case is resolved.

Severity 2 (S2). Operations on an existing network or environment is severely degraded. WWT and Cisco, along with the Government POC, will commit full-time resources during standard business hours to resolve the situation.

Severity 3 (S3). Operational performance of your network or environment is impaired. WWT and Cisco, along with the Government POC, will commit resources during standard business hours to resolve.

Severity 4 (S4). Information is required on Cisco product capabilities, installation, or configuration. There is little or no impact on your business operations.

Case Escalation Procedure

If a case is not progressing adequately or the quality of service is not satisfactory, you may escalate the case.

During normal business hours (8 a.m.-8 p.m. Eastern): Contact Cisco TAC at 1-800-553-2447 and ask to raise your request to Severity Level 1 or 2. If at any time you need assistance, contact your HTOM directly via phone or email: armyhtom@cisco.com

Outside normal business hours (including weekends/holidays): Contact Cisco TAC at 1-800-553-2447 and ask to raise your service request to Severity Level 1 or 2. The on-shift TAC Duty Manager can be engaged at this time or email the on-call U.S. Public Sector HTOM at: ggsghtom@epage.cisco.com