Your ability to mitigate risks and respond to threats directly impacts your ability to drive business outcomes.

Global Financial Services Security Transformation

We understand the most complex and common challenges facing financial organizations today.

As a solution provider to over 40 of the world's largest banks and financial services firms, as well as 78 of the Fortune 100, we are in unique position to understand the cyber trends across global financial services.

Our experts are experienced in security strategy, architecture and daily defense. They will work with you to make sure your investments further business goals, integrate into an architecture and mature your security posture. Our security consultants, architects and engineers 

Today's financial services customers face more challenges than ever before.

Accelerating solutions to deliver secure outcomes.

State-of-the-art Advanced Technology Center enabled proofs of concept, testing, scaling and Laas.

Strategy through execution services for a holistic approach to your biggest security challenges.

Swift global implementation from process tools and engineering to integration and secure supply chain.

People are your greatest asset. From executive advisors to engineers, we have you covered.

We are uniquely qualified to lead security transformation.

We have the experience.

Security practice across all industry verticals globally.

Percentage of Fortune 100 companies that have chosen WWT as their IT solution provider.

Security solution areas, including operationalization, resilience and security architecture.

We have the expertise.

Security consultants, architects and engineers ready to build an enterprise security program that defends against the most pressing risks facing your business.

OEM partners, including Cisco, Dell, F5, VMware, Palo Alto, Fortinet, Cohesity, Crowdstrike and McAfee.

ATC lab investment with 275 dedicated racks and 20,000 accessible virtual machines.

We scale globally.

We leverage 300+ OEM partners, including these security providers:

Start your security transformation today

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Article Cloud Management

2021 Cybersecurity Predictions

As we get 2021 started, here are some predictions we see our global customers facing in the cybersecurity space.
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Security Tools Rationalization Workshop

The Security Tools Rationalization workshop aims to identify security gaps, improve efficiencies, reduce complexity and lower total cost of ownership for your organization.
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Cybersecurity Risk Considerations Across the Financial Sector

With the highest level of security among the 16 critical U.S. industries, financial institutions should take every opportunity to re-evaluate their posture against various types of cybersecurity risk.
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Zero Trust Briefing

Increased visibility, reducing the attack surface, and rationalizing zero trust theory with technical implementation—these are just a few of the outcomes that a successful zero trust program should provide. Securing the enterprise, both on-premise and in the cloud, is a challenge in today's landscape.
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When the World Stopped, Cyber Attacks Did Not

Every CISO is now scrambling to get employees back to work in what is labeled "the workplace of the future."
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Closing the Gaps in Endpoint Security in Banking and Financial Services

A great solution to the endpoint security problem requires a seasoned and mature evaluation based on deep expertise in the area.
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What Is Cyber Vault and How Does It Relate to Cyber Resilience?

As ransomware and malware attacks are rising globally, companies are preparing for a compromised future.
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Addressing Challenges of Zero Trust Implementation within Banking Infrastructures

In 2020, 70 percent of financial services organizations implemented strict work from home (WFH) policies. The Zero Trust architecture approach to security can be leveraged as a reliable way to close security gaps in the remote work landscape.

TEC37 Data Center Series E02: Data Protection Strategies for Cyber Resiliency

As threats to organizations’ data environments become more sophisticated and persistent, the need to prevent and rapidly recover from adverse cyber events has become critical. The right data protection and backup solution can help keep an organization’s data secure, and critical infrastructure up and running.


TEC37 Security Series E04: Security Strategy: Adopting Agile Principles in Cybersecurity

Many CISOs struggle with where to begin when adopting agile principles within cybersecurity. We will discuss four recommendations to jumpstart adoption. 

Here we discuss the key ways in which adopting an agile workflow for cybersecurity can lead to a more efficient environment through process consistency, enhanced project visibility and team collaboration across the business.

-CISO, Global Financial Company
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