Global Partner Management Newsletter - Volume 2

Global Partner Management Quarterly Newsletter | Q4 2023

As 2024 draws to a close, we are happy to share our final newsletter of the year with you. This newsletter is designed to keep our partners informed about the latest developments, trends, insights, and advice to help you succeed in your collaboration with WWT.

We encourage you to share this newsletter with your team and use the links at the bottom of the page to access more useful resources and provide us with your feedback and suggestions.

5 Tips for Successful Projects

  • Don't start working without a PO. A PO is your proof of agreement and payment. Contact your partner manager if you need help obtaining one.
  • You might be asked to review and sign flow downs before you get a PO. Flow downs are additional terms and conditions that some WWT clients require. You only need to sign them once for each client.
  • Use COUPA to submit your invoices. COUPA is the online platform that WWT uses for invoicing. If you have any questions or problems with COUPA, email for help.
  • Partner resources need to be ready for a technical screening. All partner resources need to pass a technical assessment by WWT experts. They will receive an invite for a video meeting and must attend it.
  • Follow the WWT guidelines for SOWs and quotes. WWT has provided documents that explain what you need to include in your SOWs and quotes. Following these guidelines will ensure alignment and reduce risk.

IML – Rigor and Disclipline

Rigor and Discipline is a common key to success in most processes, which is why Rigor and Disciple is included in WWT's 8 Key Business Concepts. 

Rigor is defined as "Consistently applying specific standards at all times and at all levels, espcially upper management".  Being rigourous takes time and effort along with a genunine desire to do the right thing.  It's part of a company's culture.

WWT strives to provide Rigor and Discpline in all our processes – project related, external, and internal.  This commitment is key to obtaining client delight.  We rely on our partners to also provide strict rigor and discipline in project delivery and management, as well as invoicing and other interactions.  We appreciate our partners who share this passion!



Partner Summer Symposium Summary

By: Shari Burns

Thank you to our partners who attended our second virtual Global Partner Management Symposium on July 25, 2023. The event drew 167 attendees from both partner companies and internal WWT team members. The event consisted of six presentations and a Q&A session. Presentations included an overview of WWT's Command Center; how the Regional Manager role works with partners; an introduction to WWT's IML and corporate culture; as well as a look into WWT's future needs in both the technical space and nearshore/offshore resourcing.

The presentation deck and videos can be found at  : SC&E – Partner Community - WWT

We are already planning our next one for next spring. Please let your partner manager know if you have any ideas about information you would like to see discussed in future events.

Here is what the attendees are saying!

WWT's Partner Safety Program

WWT works with partners to deliver projects in around the world. As a responsible employer, WWT takes it as a prime duty to ensure our partners are compliant to local regulatory requirements and provide services in a safe environment by following safe work practices. We recognize that, while we care for the safety of our own employees, we also have a moral obligation to ensure an injury free work experience for our partner community. 

To achieve this goal, WWT has developed a Risk Matrix to categorize partners into high and low risk basis the services offered. All high-risk Partners are included in the WWT Partner Safety Program.

WWT has partnered with third-party service provider ISNetworld (ISN) to manage our "Partner Safety Program" for partners in the "high expense" category. ISN engages directly with the partner organization on behalf of WWT and supports them in understanding the regulatory needs and highlights red flags and areas of improvement. Those partners are required to subscribe to ISN membership and provide evidence of legal compliances and safety performance records. Where gaps are observed, ISN provides support in meeting those needs. 

For more information about WWT's Partner Safety Program, please reach out to Divya Seth at



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