Google Cloud's Anthos

Google Cloud's Anthos

Google's Cloud Anthos is an open, hybrid and multicloud application platform that enables modern application development anywhere. Developers can quickly build, test and deploy at scale to enable faster time to market. WWT can help you build and deploy your Anthos solution. 

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Google Cloud’s Anthos Use Cases

Infrastructure Modernization

Give your teams the ability to modernize their infrastructure in place and provide a unified Kubernetes experience. Through the Anthos product, take advantage of modern Infrastructure as Code (IaC) principles by utilizing features such as Anthos Config Manager, Anthos Migrate, Anthos Mesh, as well as many more. 

Application Modernization

Anthos allows you to adopt Cloud Native development practices. For example, developers can modernize the CI/CD process and leverage Anthos and the greater Google Cloud Platform to adopt a microservices approach utilizing containers and managed services. 

Centralized Operations

Monitoring and managing a fleet of Kubernetes clusters can be challenging. Anthos has many ways to help solve these challenges: One such example is Anthos Config Manager which allows you to write the config once and then push the change automatically from your centralized code repository to your entire Kubernetes fleet. 


You need to see what is going on both in the network as well as with your applications. With Anthos Mesh, you can use Istio to gain visibility into how your applications are communicating inside of your clusters. Additionally, you can combine this with Google Cloud Operations to incorporate logging and monitoring of your applications code and get the full picture of your applications’ overall health and performance.

Google Cloud's Anthos Video Series

Series host Robb Boyd talks with cloud experts — WWT's Spencer Cuffe and Michael Madison — who have the expertise needed to break down Anthos and help customers understand its fundamental concepts and benefits. Follow the links below to watch this 3-episode series:

Part 1 Introduction to Google Cloud's Anthos — Part 2 Anthos Service Mesh (ASM) — Part 3 Anthos Configuration Management (ACM)

Google Cloud Services

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Consulting Services

Whether you need help strategizing and implementing enterprise architecture; solidifying your segmentation business case; assessing the risks and maturity of your current approach; improving operational efficiencies; or building and executing a plan to fill gaps — we can help. Our services range from briefings, assessments and workshops to long-term consulting and technical engagements.

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Implementation Services

WWT works with organizations to plan and implement Google Cloud solutions in the cloud, on-premise and across other major cloud providers. WWT’s proven methodologies help organizations achieve seamless adoption of cloud technologies and accelerate their cloud strategy. 

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Lab Services

Our Anthos lab is built on top of the latest technology from Cisco, Intel and Google. WWT’s Advanced Technology Center (ATC) can provide real world, hands on environments for training, proof of concepts and integration testing across the entirety of the Google Anthos suite. 

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Integration Services

Integrating the cloud with the rest of the world can be a challenging process. WWT’s cloud practice has the experience and expertise to seamlessly tie together your on-prem, cloud and SaaS solutions together to leverage existing process and accelerate your journey to the cloud.

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