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Wellness Initiatives

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WWT provides comprehensive and engaging wellbeing programs, tools and resources that span beyond physical wellbeing. Many of these programs offer opportunities for incentives such as PTO days if you complete a wellness screening during the designated time period. Other programs includes mental, financial and community wellbeing components. We work diligently to offer programs regardless of benefit enrollment status. To get your annual wellness screening scheduled or check on the status of your results, got to the US Wellness website and login.


Sharecare is the digital health company World Wide Technology (WWT) has partnered with to administer the WWT Wellness program. The Sharecare platform will help you as a WWT employee manage all your health in one place no matter where you are in your health journey. Sharecare's innovative, award-winning technology offers you a comprehensive, personal health profile where you can easily connect to information and programs to help you live your healthiest, happiest, and most productive life. The platform is available to all global World Wide Technology employees. Get started by registering at

  • RealAge: Reveal your body's true age, what affects it and how to grow younger.
  • Sharecare: Get personalized insights and accountability to stay on top of your goals.
  • Wellness challenges: Participate in wellness challenges, enjoy a little friendly competition, and earn rewards for select opportunities.
  • More resources: Access more tools and
    support for getting and staying healthy.



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Employee Assistance Program


Use code WWT when registering.
Phone: (800)-356-0845

What is an EAP? An Employee Assistance Program is a benefit set up by WWT to provide you with assistance in dealing with personal concerns that may affect your work or home life. Your health, both physical and emotional, is essential to your personal success and to WWT. The EAP provides confidential, professional assistance to you and your family for a wide range of personal concerns. This benefit is provided at no cost to you and your family. 

Who is covered under the EAP? You and your dependent family members are covered. Should you have a question about eligibility for services, call Personal Assistance Services (PAS) at (800)-356-0845 or email your question to PAS at .

What types of problems can the EAP help me resolve? The EAP is an excellent resource to find help for personal, family and work/life balance concerns. Some of the areas covered by the EAP include:

  • Marital/relationship concerns
  • Parenting concerns
  • Financial planning
  • Budget/debt problems
  • Job stress
  • Legal concerns
  • Child care resources and referral
  • Education and college planning
  • Elder care
  • Emotional health and wellness
  • Substance abuse
  • Tobacco cessation
  • Healthy eating and exercise
  • Living Well with a Chronic Health Condition


Rx Well Mental Health Mobile App

WWT offers an innovative mobile application, Rx Well, which includes support for wellness goals in multiple areas such as stress, anxiety, weight management, healthy eating, physical activity, and tobacco cessation. Based on cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness constructs, the app can be accessed anytime via smartphone or tablet. Interactive exercises and in-the-moment relief techniques are designed for people at many different stages in their emotional and physical wellness journeys. Users wanting additional personal support and direction have the advantage of being able to connect with a PAS coach or counselor via voice, text or chat.  What's more, PAS counselors and coaches can incorporate practice sessions on RxWell between scheduled PAS sessions and recommend using the app for 5 - 15 minutes, two to three times each week as homework. This benefit is available to all employees and members of their household.

Download from your app store today and get started with code WWT.

eMLife Mindfulness Mobile App & Web Platform

eMLife offers live, interactive and on-demand mindfulness programs led by expert teachers via mobile app or web platform. Short 14-minute sessions help address everything from the stressors of daily life to conditions such as weight, anxiety, addictions, stress, diabetes, chronic pain, cancer recovery and more. This benefit is available to all employees and members of their household.

Access the web platform or download from your app store today and get started with code WWT.


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WWT Family Health Center

WWT is proud to partner with Mercy to manage and run our onsite health centers.  We have two locations: Tech Campus in Missouri and NAIC 2 in Illinois. 

Onsite staff which consists of Primary Care Physician, Behavioral Health Manager, Nurse Practitioner, Nurse, and Medical Assistant in Missouri & Illinois. Services include labs, primary care services, preventative and well visits, etc. The Primary Care Physician works closely with the onsite full-time behavioral health manager and psychiatric consultant to support mental health needs. All services are 100% free to WWT employees and family members enrolled in the WWT Health Plan.

Maryland Heights Health Center

Open M-F 7am-4pm

58 Weldon Parkway

Maryland Heights, MO

Phone: (314) 513-1870

Fax: (314) 513-1869

Edwardsville Health Center

Open M-F 7am-4pm

108 Gateway Commerce Center Dr N

Edwardsville, IL 62025

Phone: (618) 219-7470

Fax: (618) 219-7469


Real Appeal (Excluding Hawaii)


Real Appeal is an online weight management program that can help you take small steps that lead to big results. Everyone who joins the program is connected with a personal Transformation Coach for step-by-step guidance for an entire year and will receive a Success Kit filled with tools to help you on your weight management journey at no cost – not even a co-pay or deductible. Enroll today at Real Appeal is available to all World Wide Technology employees and spouses/domestic partners enrolled in the Health Plan with a BMI of 23 or greater.