It’s time for healthcare providers to get something out of their IT investments

Healthcare providers are changing their technology strategy in order to get more out of their IT investments to support an aging population, reimbursement challenges and growing consumerization in today's healthcare market.

Consumers are taking advantage of the growing network of immediate access choices with the rise of retail, virtual and on-demand options. The industry is seeing a substantial increase in patients aging into Medicare, when Medicare is steadily transitioning to reimbursing care based on the quality, not quantity of treatment.

Healthcare providers focus on delivering quality patient care. To support a superior patient experience, we help healthcare providers design technology solutions that enable them to become more convenient, efficient and competitive.

From idea to outcome, we work with with providers to improve patient experience through patient and clinician mobility, network updates to boost security, virtualize servers and desktops to lower IT overhead, or apply big data analytics to better assess patient health trends.

Enterprise Infrastructure

A solid, enterprise infrastructure to secure, support and provide services for your clinicians and patients is essential to delivering next-generation healthcare. Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to update and improve your existing network, we can help.

We design, architect and support enterprise infrastructure solutions that enable reliable, available and sustainable healthcare environments. From enterprise networking, compute and storage optimization to software development and cloud strategy, we can help your organization build out an infrastructure to support your applications with the speed and security you require to provide excellent care to those who count on you the most.

Enhancing the Patient Experience

Patient experience and engagement have become some of the most important goals for healthcare providers. We give you the tools to enhance the patient experience across the continuum of care. By working hand-in-hand through a series of consultative ideation sessions and workshops, we help you solicit ideas and jointly create the outcomes you are trying to achieve. From there, we create high-impact, valuable, outcome-orientated, custom solutions ranging from patient and clinician mobility to virtual care and telehealth.

When we combine your vision and industry expertise with our experience in application development, mobile computing, systems and sensor integration, enterprise architecture and collaboration, we end up creating compelling digital experiences that are better than you imagined at a project’s start.

Security and Compliance

We help healthcare organizations secure their networks and ensure they’re up to date and compliant. We have extensive experience identifying security vulnerabilities through risk assessments and penetration testing, and we have built a data protection program that covers access control, network and data protection and security management and analytics.

Our healthcare security program analysis services dive into HIPAA, HIT and Meaningful Use compliance; governance, risk and compliance program development; and incident and breach readiness policies. We understand the end-to-end realities of security and systems compliance, and we can help assess, update or build out a comprehensive security posture within your organization.

Analytics in Healthcare

For healthcare providers, value-based care is no longer just an operational incentive, it’s a financial imperative. As a result, many executives now consider it vitally important to redesign health system services for population health. To do this well, organizations need to bring together disparate data sets and apply advanced analytics to uncover gaps in care and start realizing the full picture of their patients.

Our analytics and consulting experts will work with your organization to identify use cases that offer business value and architect a platform that will ensure all data sets are visible and connected. This will not only help improve medical outcomes and lower costs, but also help transform your organization for the future.