The healthcare industry is feeling the impact of digital transformation at the same time it’s experiencing significant consolidation and integration, both vertically and horizontally.

Disruptive changes to traditional care and business models are being driven by what the Institute for Healthcare Improvement calls the “Triple Aim” — enhancing patient experience, improving patient health and reducing the cost of care. Clinician burnout, low unemployment rates and high turnover are also spurring innovation in a fourth quadrant: improving the clinician experience.

WWT’s real-world healthcare expertise enables us to help our partners navigate evolving business models. We understand that to become more convenient, efficient and competitive in this evolving marketplace, providers must shift strategic focus from service operations to business enablement. Our consultants can help you maximize the value of IT investments across your enterprise and convert data into insights that improve clinical results.

Our Healthcare Expertise

  • Hospitals & health systems
  • Diagnostics labs
  • Imaging centers
  • Long-term care
  • Healthcare clinics
  • Urgent care centers
  • TeleHealth
  • Pharmacy management

Solving Patient Experience Challenges

We help healthcare brands identify valuable patient needs and define optimal end-user experiences. Learn to build brand value while improving health outcomes by using the right technology to drive patient engagement and care team collaboration.

Patient Experience
Patients are increasingly prepared to interact with the healthcare industry in new ways. By eliminating traditional friction points, improving patient literacy and facilitating personalization at the point of care, we can help reduce wait times, mitigate bad experiences, customize communications, refine protocols and establish best practices that improve the patient experience.

Patient Accessibility
Nurse to patient ratios are increasingly challenging. Our healthcare consultants can help you fill care gaps by implementing intuitive patient self-service, patient and visitor wayfinding, internal process automation, patient and staff flow tracking, family notification, and streamlined EHR data delivery and payment solutions.

Connected Health
The need has never been greater to enable improved chronic disease management in full partnership with the patients themselves. IoT sensors, wearables, custom applications and secure networks allow patients to become more aware of and actively engaged in their current health journey and care plans. Feeling more invested in and connected to your own care can ultimately lead to higher patient confidence and better adherence to treatment plans. 


Solving Workforce Productivity Challenges

While your IT teams have to consider multiple deployment options, your healthcare workers care about one thing — taking care of patients. Their end-user experience greatly impacts how well and efficiently they can do that crucial job. They expect to communicate without barriers across departments, organizations and technologies. We can design and deliver collaborative architectures to give your employees a quality experience across all endpoints while helping to improve efficiency.

Clinician Experience & Burnout
Studies show practitioners are being forced to spend less time with patients and more time performing administrative tasks. This trend not only detracts from the patient experience but can damage care team morale and overall profitability. By solving common care team friction points — like poor connectivity or the lack of device coordination and inability to share data — our consultants can help you realize quick-win efficiencies, reduce clinician burnout, increase patient satisfaction and boost the bottom line.

Navigating Changing Payment Models
Payers and patients are demanding new payment models (e.g., bundled payments, disbursement to patient-oriented care providers, global payments and shared savings). While these models may encourage providers to coordinate services and promote preventive care, they can also make collection difficult. Our consultants can show you how implementing compliant payment portals and processing systems can help you collect smarter, reduce mistakes and costly readmissions, and improve operational standardization and consistency.


Solving Core IT Challenges

A solid enterprise infrastructure is essential to delivering next-gen healthcare that secures, supports and provides services for your clinicians and patients. Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to update and improve your existing network, we can help. From enterprise networking, compute and storage optimization to software development and cloud strategy, we design, architect and support infrastructure solutions that enable reliable, available and sustainable healthcare environments.

Security & Compliance
Health data breaches continue to hit all-time highs, requiring protection against a range of attacks, from phishing campaigns to insider threats. Healthcare organizations have a duty to ensure their networks are secure, updated and compliant. We have extensive experience identifying vulnerabilities through risk assessments and pen testing, and we've built a data protection program that covers access control, network and data protection and security management and analytics. Our consultants also understand the intricacies of healthcare governance, risk and compliance and can help you assess, update or build out a comprehensive security posture.

Data Analytics & AI
To uncover gaps and see the full picture of patient care, providers must bring together and apply advanced analytics to disparate data sets. Our consultants can help you identify data and AI use cases that can curb safety risks, optimize staffing and patient flows, reduce paperwork, speed critical response through early warning systems, and analyze historical data to predict future events. We can architect and implement platforms that achieve these goals while ensuring all data sets are visible and connected.


Our Work
From idea to outcome, we work with providers to improve the patient experience. We can help you enhance patient and clinician mobility, update networks to boost security, virtualize servers and desktops to lower IT overhead, and apply big data analytics to better assess patient health trends. Explore a few of our highlights.

Our People

WWT healthcare consultants, engineers and architects have industry experience developing solutions that enable reliable, available and sustainable healthcare environments. 

Meet some of our healthcare leaders


Justin T. Collier, MD, Chief Healthcare Advisor
Healthcare Consulting

Dr. Collier is a Physician Executive with dual ABMS Board Certification in Clinical Informatics and PM&R. He leads the Healthcare Industry practice at WWT, focused on delivering healthcare improvement through transformational projects for our clients. Dr. Collier collaborates and coordinates efforts among our OEM partners and internal WWT teams to assure the best outcomes are achieved. Leveraging WWT’s unique capabilities, he works to enable and accelerate innovation and transformative initiatives that improve care, increase efficiencies, upgrade patient experience, streamline clinical workflows, enhance team communication and empower collaboration.

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Justin T. Collier, MD


Sanaz Cordes, MD

Sanaz Cordes, MD, Chief Healthcare Advisor
Healthcare Consulting

Dr. Cordes is a Physician Executive with more than 18 years of healthcare and health tech leadership experience. She is an entrepreneur, investor and international speaker with a track record for helping organizations grow revenue through disruptive innovation. Some of her past roles include CEO of DotCom Therapy, a leading teletherapy provider of speech, occupational, and behavioral therapy to schools, consumers, and health systems; Principal & Founder of Value Prop Shop, the only consulting firm exclusively working with venture firms and their health tech portfolio companies to develop and execute on commercial and product roadmaps; Chief Commercial & Operations Officer at health tech startup healthfinch, Inc.; and Chief Development Officer of Cogent Health, a company that sold tech-enabled physician services.

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Jeff Morris, Chief Digital Advisor
Healthcare Consulting

For more than 30 years, Jeff has helped healthcare organizations understand patient and customer journeys by identifying friction points, then implementing the people, process and technology solutions needed to deliver remarkable omnichannel experiences. He believes smart customer and employee experience design is the key to delivering solutions that drive business results. Jeff has led multi-disciplinary teams through strategy, experience design, mobile development and activation programs that have resulted in award-winning work for clients like Johnson & Johnson, Ascension Health, SurgCenter Development, Merck, Pfizer, Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Biomedical Systems and a variety of regional and national hospital systems.

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Jeff Morris