Cloud gives you remote access to computing, storage and networking resources via your data center or a public cloud service provider like AWS, Azure and GCP. When it comes to deployment, clouds powered by Intel® technologies deliver reliable, scalable, workload-optimized performance across enterprise applications.

Intel & WWT: Powering cloud architecture

Intel Cloud

Intel solutions for cloud

Public cloud

Intel has been at the forefront of delivering foundational technologies for public cloud services for decades.

The public cloud offers pay-as-you-go access to computing, storage and networking resources. These are delivered through cloud providers like AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and IBM. Public cloud services require little upfront cost and can be deployed quickly for a faster time to market.

Private cloud

With Intel architecture as the foundation for your private cloud, you can experience smooth transitions, ease migrations, and improve operational efficiency.

A private cloud is run on infrastructure in your data center. It requires larger upfront costs and ongoing management, but it can deliver potential cost savings over the long term. A private cloud offers support for mission-critical workloads and legacy applications that are difficult or impossible to move to the public cloud. It’s also an ideal model for helping ensure compliance with privacy regulations or protecting intellectual property. 

Hybrid cloud

Intel is at the heart of your hybrid cloud architecture, delivering a trusted and scalable foundation for current and future workloads, designed with security in mind.

A hybrid cloud unites your public and private cloud so you can share applications and data between them as needed. This gives your business the flexibility to run applications ways that help maximize potential cost savings and optimize use of resources while meeting requirements for scalability and control.


With Intel, multicloud environments become streamlined with consistent underlying architecture across all clouds. 

A multicloud approach involves a combination of services from different cloud providers. This gives you the most choice when it comes to services and pricing. A multicloud strategy relies on software to manage and orchestrate resources across disparate providers, but can offer businesses an incredibly flexible, cost-optimized cloud experience.

WWT & Intel eBook: Harness the Potential of Cloud

Organizations must be extremely agile, flexible and resilient to survive in today’s digital-first world.

Not only do they need to pivot in response to changing business requirements and markets, they must reinvent themselves to continue driving innovative offerings to market quickly. Cloud computing — whether through public cloud, private cloud or hybrid cloud operating models — is driving this digital and business transformation.

In this eBook, experts from WWT's Cloud practice discuss:

  • The key benefits of cloud computing
  • Differences between the three primary operating models
  • Current trends in the cloud marketplace
  • Top 10 mistakes organizations make with cloud strategy
  • A brief history of cloud computing, including stages of adoption
  • 10 steps to effectively leveraging cloud

Let us show you how to put cloud to work for your business.

Why WWT for Intel solutions


Lab Google Anthos

Google Cloud’s Anthos Lab

Gain a better understanding of the components of Google Cloud’s Anthos platform with this scheduled lab.
Lab Azure Stack

Dell EMC Cloud for Microsoft Azure Stack

Dive into Dell EMC Cloud for Microsoft Azure Stack and get hands on with an on-premises hybrid cloud platform for delivering infrastructure and platform-as-a-service with a consistent Azure cloud experience on-premises or in the field.
Lab Cloud Management

AWS Control Tower Overview Lab

In this lab, customers will be able to walk through AWS Control Tower with a WWT Cloud Platform Architect to demonstrate the pros, cons and caveats of Control Tower as it exists today. Formerly known as AWS Landing Zone Lab. AWS Landing Zone has been incorporated into Control Tower.

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