AppDynamics On-Premise Install

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Solution Overview
Test AppDynamics in a real-world environment with the on-premise, ATC-hosted install of AppDynamics. 

This lab will allow you to experience the administrative controls of managing a full, enterprise install of AppDynamics, complete with active user and application traffic as well as application failures and warnings. Complete real world root cause analysis and build custom analytics dashboards in BusinessIQ. 

Test drive AppDynamics, create customized, valuable dashboards for insight into the business operations and gain a powerful understanding of the revolutionary power of Cisco's AI-powered AppDynamics platform. 

Goals & Objectives

Active traffic, enterprise grade AppDynamics instance designed to allow a full, enterprise understanding and experimentation with a comprehensive Application Performance Monitoring (APM) install.

Hardware & Software

  • Single AppDynamics controller
  • Multiple and diverse monitoring agents
  • Full synthetic traffic generation