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Arista With Cloud Vision Portal Sandbox Lab

Foundations Lab

Solution overview

This lab provides exposure to the new technology and capabilities of the Arista products used. This lab introduces the Arista Cloud Vision Portal(CVP) and includes 3 VXLAN EVPN scenarios based on best practices from the Arista design guides, ACE3 course material and Arista TAC support the Arista EOS forum posts. There are many different ways to create an Arista-based VXLAN EVPN fabric; these 3 lab scenarios presents 1) a migration phase from a standard 3 tier VLAN and SVI-based network to a VXLAN fabric, 2) using Asymmetrical IRB and 3)Symmetrical IRB. BGP routing is the underlay, overlay and connectivity to the remote data center under migration. This sandbox and configs can be further used to explore other configurations and functionality of Arista CVP.

Lab diagram

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