Attivo Networks Deception Technology Lab

Solution Overview
WWT's deception lab for Attvio Networks exist to provide a comprehensive view into the Threat Defend & Response Deception platform. The Attivo Networks deception platform can operate across the entire enterprise architecture from the endpoint to the cloud. The platform supports many specialty areas of the architecture such as IoT, POS, ICS-SCADA, VOIP, enterprise applications and so on. The solution works by projecting decoys that appear indistinguishable from real production assets and are designed to engage and misdirect an attacker. For authenticity, decoys run real operating systems and services and can be customized with production “golden images” to better blend in with other network assets. This technology creates a comprehensive early detection and continuous threat management defense against today’s advanced threat actors.

Goals & Objectives

The purpose of this lab is to provide an option for our customers to garner a deeper understanding around the benefits and value of implementing deception technology in their environment. The lab will also provide customers with greater  proficiency in deploying, managing and monitoring the Attivo Networks deception platform. 

Hardware & Software

This lab consists the following:

  • Active Directory Domain controller
  • Attivo Networks Botsink appliance
  • Dedicated Layer 2 network
  • Various workstations & clients