Cisco Ansible Automation Lab

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Solution Overview
To keep up with the growing speed of business demands, there’s a pressing need to make programmability and automation an inherent part of operational IT processes. WWT offers hands-on Ansible Automation Training labs to help customers learn how to get started using centralized automation tools to manage and deploy configurations. 

Goals & Objectives

The purpose of this lab is to provide hands on training on how to start automating your Cisco network infrastructure.

The following scenarios are contained within the lab:
  • Setting up Ansible 
  • Running Ad-Hoc Commands
  • Creating Playbooks on IOS-XE for Device, Interface and Routing Configurations
  • Command Parsing and Jinja2 Templates
  • Self-Service with Tower Surveys
  • Cisco APIC Initial Setup
  • Cisco ACI Construct Automation

Hardware & Software

  • 3 x Cisco CSRs
  • 1 x Cisco Nexus 9000v
  • 1 x Cisco APIC
  • 1 x Ansible Tower Server 
  • 2 x ESXi Hosts
  • 1 x VMware vCenter