Cisco Ansible Automation Lab

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Solution Overview
To keep up with the growing speed of business demands, there’s a pressing need to make programmability and automation an inherent part of operational IT processes. WWT offers hands-on Ansible Automation Training labs to help customers learn how to get started using centralized automation tools to manage and deploy configurations. 

Labs are currently unavailable, but our technicians are on it. Please check back soon. Latest Status Updates.

Goals & Objectives

The purpose of this lab is to provide hands on training on how to start automating your Cisco network infrastructure.

The following scenarios are contained within the lab:
  • Setting up Ansible 
  • Running Ad-Hoc Commands
  • Creating Playbooks on IOS-XE for Device, Interface and Routing Configurations
  • Command Parsing and Jinja2 Templates
  • Self-Service with Tower Surveys
  • Cisco APIC Initial Setup
  • Cisco ACI Construct Automation

Hardware & Software

  • 3 x Cisco CSRs
  • 1 x Cisco Nexus 9000v
  • 1 x Cisco APIC
  • 1 x Ansible Tower Server 
  • 2 x ESXi Hosts
  • 1 x VMware vCenter