Cisco Meeting Server + VQ Conference Manager

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Solution Overview
VQ Conference Manager provides a true management platform to Cisco's Meeting Server. VQ Conference Manager is designed to drive high self-service adoption of your communication service. Templates ensure different call types behave the right way, every time. Additionally, users can control their calls and meeting Space(s) using familiar tools, including Microsoft Outlook, their iPhone or their web browser.

VQ Conference Manager provides a single pane of glass that enhances the Cisco Meeting Server platform by:
  • Accelerating Cisco Meeting Server deployment
  • Increase meeting adoption
  • Measure meeting adoption
  • Enable white glove meeting management

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Goals & Objectives

This lab will focus on the enhancements that VQ Communication Manager provider beyond what Cisco Meeting Service provides out of the box. Cisco Meeting Server and VQ Communication Manager are pre-configured in this environment. The student will focus on:
  • Meeting Management (White glove service)
  • Real-time system-level dashboards
  • End User experience through Outlook plugin
  • Cisco Meeting Server license management

Hardware & Software

Cisco Cloud Services Router 1000v
Cisco Communication Manager 12.5
Cisco Meeting Server 2.4
Microsoft Outlook 2013
Microsoft Exchange 2013
Microsoft Windows 10
Microsoft Windows 2012
VMware View 7.4
VQ Communication Manager 3.2