Cisco UCS Central

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Solution Overview
With an enhanced HTML 5 user interface available in seven languages, you can work easily on a global scale to provide configuration capabilities for pools, policies and firmware. Administrators can follow a define-once-deploy-many-times workflow for their infrastructure to increase operational efficiency.

Subject matter experts can promote global policy compliance by choosing the resource pools and policies that need to be enforced globally or managed locally. Cisco UCS Central supports the entire Cisco UCS and Cisco HyperFlex portfolio, as well as the full family of Cisco UCS Fabric Interconnects and all current Cisco UCS fabric interconnects.

Key Benefits
  • Global administrative policies can enable global and local management of Cisco UCS domains to promote consistency and standardization across domains.
  • Centralized inventory and health status with dashboard and reports help you more easily monitor distributed environments and provide a consistent view of the entire Cisco UCS infrastructure.
  • Policy-based server definitions can be standardized and deployed across domains and physical locations.
  • Policy-based firmware upgrades can be applied globally or selectively through automated schedules or as business workloads demand.

Goals & Objectives

This lab provides a real-world environment to evaluate the following UCS Central capabilities

  • Role-Based Access Controls
  • Global Resource Pools
  • Global Policies
  • Global Service Profile Templates
  • Backups and Configuration Exports

Hardware & Software

  • UCS Central 2.0

UCS Domain #1 
  • UCS Manager 3.2
  • 1x 5108 Chassis
  • 7x B200 M3 Blade Servers
  • 1x B200 M4 Blade Server

UCS Domain #2
  • UCS Manager 4.0
  • 1x 5108 Chassis
  • 4x B200 M3 Blade Servers
  • 3x B200 M4 Blade Servers
  • 1x B200 M5 Blade Server
  • 1x C240-M5 Rackmount Server