Cisco UCS Manager

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Solution Overview
Cisco UCS Manager supports the entire Cisco UCS server and Cisco HyperFlex Series hyperconverged infrastructure portfolios. It enables server, fabric and storage provisioning as well as, device discovery, inventory, configuration, diagnostics, monitoring, fault detection, auditing and statistics collection.

Key Features
  • Supports Cisco UCS B-Series Blade and C-Series Rack Servers, the C3260 storage server, Cisco UCS Mini and the Cisco HyperFlex HCI solution.
  • Programmatically controls server, network, and storage resources, with a unified, policy-driven management, so they can be efficiently managed at scale through software.
  • Works with HTML 5, Java or CLI graphical user interfaces.
  • Can automatically detect, inventory, manage and provision system components that are added or changed.
  • Facilitates integration with third-party systems management tools.
  • Builds on existing skills and supports collaboration across disciplines through role-based administration.

Goals & Objectives

This lab provides a real-world environment to evaluate the following UCS Manager capabilities:

  • Authentication and Authorization.
  • Service Profile and Service Profile Template Creation.
  • Chassis, Server, Network, Storage, and SAN Management.
  • Fabric Interconnect and IO Module Management.
  • Firmware Updates.
  • VMware vCenter Integration.
  • Faults, Alerting and Diagnostics.

Hardware & Software

Cisco UCS: 
  • UCS Manager 4.0
  • 1x 5108 Chassis
  • 4x B200 M3 Blade Servers
  • 3x B200 M4 Blade Servers
  • 1x B200 M5 Blade Server
  • 1x C240-M5 Rackmount Server