Cisco Webex Contact Center - Agent Experience

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Solution Overview

Cisco Webex Contact Center is a next-generation cloud contact center solution.  

Designed and built from its foundation as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) cloud solution, Webex Contact Center’s best-of-breed platform architecture brings your business the innovation, flexibility, scalability, and agility of the cloud without sacrificing security. As a cloud-based subscription, Webex Contact Center enables rapid time to market and time to new revenue while minimizing upfront capital investment. 

An extensible, intuitive agent desktop provides an ideal central command center for agents to provide the best possible customer experiences. Its fresh, modern, widget-based design allows agents and administrators to provide all the tools an agent might need in a single interface.

Goals & Objectives

This lab is designed to allow users to access an instance of Webex contact center in order to understand the agent experience.  The lab will guide users through the following:

  • Login Process
  • Agent Desktop Layout
  • Agent State Controls
  • Agent Dashboards
  • Real-time call transcription
  • Omni-channel interactions

Hardware & Software

  • Webex Contact Center Gold Tenant
  • Windows 10 Desktop