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Cyber Range - CH3M1C41_SP1LL

Advanced Configuration Lab

Solution overview

In this Capture the Flag (CTF), codenamed "CH3M1C41_SP1LL (Chemical Spill)", your red-team skills will be put to the test within an Operational Technology (OT) environment.  You will need to solve challenges ranging from network discovery, web application attacks, password cracking, and malicious modbus command injection.

The challenges within this CTF are intermediate-level and hints are provided via in-game chat.

How to Begin

  1. Watch the introduction video from DIDAS (our AI bot) below
  2. Click the "Launch Lab" icon on the right-hand column of this page to launch the game space and access your Player Desktop
  3. Double-click the "README.txt" file on your Player Desktop for further instructions



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