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Cyber Range - Initiation

Advanced Configuration Lab

Solution overview

This Capture the Flag (CTF) Demo called "Initiation" is meant to introduce you to the WWT Cyber Range platform. Consider this the tutorial level for our CTF events. You will be introduced to the features and functionality of WWT Cyber Range CTFs as well as be provided with tips for success in future events. 

Additionally, this lab will allow you to test your access using the same platform we use for our live CTF events so you can ensure you will be ready on game day.

All the challenges within this CTF are beginner-level, and the game will guide you through completion. This game will only take about an hour to complete and contains both red team (attacker) and blue team (defender) challenges.

How to Begin

  1. Watch the introduction video from DIDAS (our AI bot) below
  2. Click the "Launch Lab" icon on the right-hand column of this page to launch the game space and access your Player Desktop
  3. Double-click the "README.txt" file on your Player Desktop for further instructions



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