Dedrone Anti-Drone Solution

Solution Overview
Modern security requires a layered approach that considers the convergence of both cyber and physical threats.  With the evolution of drone technology, organizations must consider the risks introduced by drone technology.  Dedrone's proprietary RF sensor technology detects, classifies and protects organizations against drone threats, including triggering active and passive countermeasures and localizing the drone and its pilot.

Goals & Objectives

This lab provides an overview of the Dedrone anti-drone solution. If the user is remote, we will provide a Dedrone overview including the solution architecture and use cases.  If the user is onsite at our WWT Technology Campus, we will also provide a live demo of Dedrone's anti-drone technology leveraging Dedrone sensors installed at our Advanced Technology Center.

Hardware & Software

  • Dedrone Cloud or On-Prem Solution
  • Dedrone DroneDNA Classification Engine
  • Dedrone DroneTracker Video Analytics

  • Dedrone RF-100 Sensors
  • Dedrone RF-300 Sensors
  • Third Party Security Video Cameras
  • Third Party Radar Detection Systems