Dell EMC IDPA DP4400

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Solution Overview
Dell EMC Integrated Data Protection Appliance (IDPA) is a pre-configured, turnkey appliance that converges storage, protection software, search and analytics. It also offers native cloud-tiering for long-term retention. The integrated hardware and software solution allows customers to deploy it into their environment much quicker than typical piece-meal data protection solutions. And gives IT piece of mind that data is secure, backed up and protected against disasters and outages.

Key features of the IDPA DP4400 include:
  • Comprehensive and complete data protection for the largest application ecosystem.
  • Customer-installable/upgradable 2U appliance; can grow in-place (24-96TB) with no additional hardware.
  • High performance: Up to 2x shorter backups, average dedupe ratio of 55:1, up to 98% less bandwidth
  • Expand to cloud with native cloud DR and long-term retention add-on capabilities.
  • Logical capacity with deduplication of up to 4.8PB in a 2U appliance. Maximum logical capacity with Cloud Tier of up to 14.4PB.

Goals & Objectives

To provide an overview of Dell-EMC's IDPA 4400  by covering the administration of the IDPA 4400 with IDPA System Manager.  

The following will be covered:
  • Reporting
  • Capacity Management 
  • Health Reports
  • Backup Administration
  • Launch Avamar from System Manager

Hardware & Software

  • Dell-EMC IDPA 4400