Dell EMC PowerFlex: Container Storage Lab

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Solution Overview

Welcome to WWT's Container Storage Lab utilizing Dell EMC's software-defined storage platform, PowerFlex. In this lab you will work with Kubernetes, utilizing persistent storage from the PowerFlex platform to explore the Container Storage Interface (CSI) Driver capabilities. This lab is estimated to take under 1 hour to complete. The intended lab audience is a systems engineer with a basic understanding of PowerFlex and Kubernetes components.

Goals & Objectives

In this lab, the first several modules build upon one another. You will create a storage class (SC), then a persistent volume claim (PVC). Next, you will map the persistent volume claim to a container hosted on Kubernetes. With the persistent volume now mapped to a container, you will explore volume snapshots, volume expansion, volume cloning and ephemeral inline volumes in a containerized environment.

Hardware & Software

The lab environment itself consists of the following components:

  • CentOS 8
  • PowerFlex 3.6
  • Kubernetes v1.22.5
  • CSI Driver v2.1.0
  • SnapShot Controller v5.0.0