Dell OpenManage Enterprise Lab

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Solution Overview

Dell OpenManage Enterprise (OME) is used for central management and monitoring of Dell and 3rd party compute, network and storage hardware. OpenManage can be used to provision servers, deploy templates and profiles, verify compliance, monitor for alerts and report on the environment. The secure virtual appliance for OME is easy to deploy as a virtual machine. OpenManage uses a web interface for management but also exposes a comprehensive RESTful API for automation and solution integration.

Goals & Objectives

Gain access to a Dell OpenManage Enterprise deployment in a lab environment. Explore the lab at your own pace or follow our lab guide for an introduction to the OpenManage Enterprise platform. In this lab you will learn:

  • Walkthrough of the OpenManage web interface
  • Basic configuration of server templates and profiles
  • Common operation tasks to monitor and maintain your environment

Once you have completed this lab you will be comfortable beginning to deploy OpenManage Enterprise in your environment.

Hardware & Software

Software available in this lab:

  • OpenManage Enterprise 3.8

Hardware available in this lab:

  • MX7000 Chassis
  • MX9116n and MX7116n Fabric Switches
  • MX740c and MX750c Compute Sleds
  • MX5016s Storage Sled