Foundations Lab

Solution overview

Dell PowerProtect Cyber Recovery is a pre-engineered, pre-packaged purpose built solution focused on recovery. PowerProtect Cyber Recovery utilizes a secure 'vault' environment to be used for cyber recovery in order to maintain mission-critical business data and technology configurations. PowerProtect Cyber Recovery only allows access into the secure vault long enough to replicate data from the production system. The vault is secured and inaccessible from the network at all other times. A deduplication process is performed within the production environment which expedites the replication process, which results in the vault being open as short of a time as possible. Within the vault environment, Cyber Recovery creates point-in-time retention-locked copies of data that can be validated and then used for restoration and recovery in the production environment if needed.

Automated workflows, including replication link management, data synchronization, immutable copy creation and sandbox copies are included for recovery and analytics. A powerful dashboard allows users to manage the environment by exception, leaving the bulk of the operations to automation. Dell PowerProtect Cyber Recovery is the first solution to receive the endorsement for meeting each of the data vaulting requirements of the Sheltered Harbor standard, protecting U.S. financial institutions from cyber threats such as ransomware.

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