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F5 BIG-IP Next Central Manager installing and configuring on vSphere

Advanced Configuration Lab

Solution overview

BIG-IP Next consists of two integral components: BIG-IP Next instances and the BIG-IP Next Central Manager. Together, they offer the most comprehensive application security and traffic management solution for apps spanning on-premises and multi-cloud architectures. BIG-IP Next instances are deployed close to your apps to process and secure user traffic, while the BIG-IP Next Central Manager provides a single control point.

BIG-IP Next Central Manager (CM) represents the next-generation management suite for the new BIG-IP OS across hardware and software instances. It provides simplified lifecycle and configuration management across F5 BIG-IP Next fleets, a concept not covered in this lab. Two primary methods for managing BIG-IP Next instances via Central Manager software are a web browser-based portal and API-based templates.

A highly performant and scalable data plane responsible for delivering and securing your application traffic on-premises, within co-location facilities, in the cloud, or at the edge.

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