F5 Red Hat OpenShift Lab

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Solution Overview
The nature in which applications are being built and deployed is in a state of change. Previously, monolithic applications were being converted into containerized microservices, leading to higher efficiency and flexibility of application resources. Now there is a new set of challenges around security, scalability and availability.

This lab will demonstrate how F5 Container Ingress Services, integrated with Red Hat OpenShift can provide security, scalability and availability of containerized applications in an enterprise environment.

Goals & Objectives

The intended goal of this lab is to introduce engineers and developers to the unique integrations that can be leveraged between F5 BIG-IP Container Ingress Services and Red Hat OpenShift.

In this lab, you will complete the following objections:
  • Deploy a containerized application into OpenShift
  • Install and configure F5 Container Ingress Services
  • Create F5 Virtual IPs with Container Ingress Services
  • Configure SSL Offloading for Openshift on F5 BIG-IP
  • Capture network telemetry using F5 Telemetry Streaming and Grafana

Hardware & Software

  • F5 BIG-IP
  • F5 Container Ingress Services
  • Red Hat OpenShift
  • Red Hat Ansible
  • Grafana