Google Cloud's Anthos Lab

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Solution Overview
Google Cloud's Anthos is a modern application management platform that provides the tools and technology you need for modern, hybrid and multicloud solutions, all built on the foundations of GKE. Google Cloud's Anthos enables several features including:

  • infrastructure provisioning in both cloud and on-premises;
  • infrastructure management tooling, security, policies and compliance solutions; and
  • streamlined application development, service discovery and telemetry, service management and workload migration from on-premises to cloud.

Goals & Objectives

  • Gain a better understanding of the components of the Google Cloud's Anthos platform
  • Deploy an Admin and User cluster
  • Deploy an application stack to Google Cloud's Anthos
  • Auto scale your applications
  • Configure advanced networking capabilities
  • Secure your application
  • Deploy serverless functions with Cloud Run for Anthos
  • Manage cluster configuration with Anthos Config Management
  • Convert legacy workloads with Migrate for Anthos
  • Explore logging and monitoring with Stackdriver for GKE-on-prem

Hardware & Software

  • Cisco Hyperflex compute platform
  • Cisco ACI
  • VMware vSphere
  • Google GKE-on-prem
  • Google Cloud's Anthos
  • Google Cloud's Anthos migrate
  • Google Cloud's Anthos config management
  • Google Cloud's Anthos service mesh