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Google Cloud Compute Fundamentals Lab

Challenge Lab

Solution overview

This hands-on lab is designed to provide participants with a practical overview of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Compute Services. The lab uses the Google Cloud CLI and the Google Cloud Console to manage resources effectively. Participants will start by logging into the Google Cloud Console and familiarizing themselves with its interface. They will then be challenged to create a virtual machine instance using the CLI, specifying configurations such as machine type and boot disk. The lab also covers modifying the instance's configuration via the CLI and verifying the changes. Participants will learn how to access the instance through SSH and perform simple actions. Finally, the lab concludes with a cleanup and verification process, where participants will delete the instance and associated resources using the CLI and verify their absence. This lab provides a comprehensive overview of GCP Compute Services and equips participants with practical skills in managing virtual machines on the Google Cloud Platform.

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