HPE Cloud Volumes Block

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Solution Overview

The HPE Cloud Volumes Block lab is designed to demonstrate the multi-cloud capability of HPE Alletra 6000 and Nimble Storage systems and it's integration with HPE Cloud Volumes Block.  In today's multi-cloud environment, the data movement between multiple clouds and the cost associated with that movement are important factors. When one is deciding to run workloads in a particular cloud, one has carefully consider such issues as data gravity and public cloud lock-in.   HPE Cloud Volumes Block enables multi-cloud data management with flexibility, ease of data movement, cost control, and prevent public cloud lock in.  

 The lab will walk you through the steps to setup replication between on-premise Nimble storage system to the HPE Cloud Volumes system.  After the replication, the lab will walk you through the steps to access the replicated data from Amazon Web Services (AWS) Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2) instance.

Goals & Objectives

The goal of this lab is to demonstrate the multi-cloud capability of HPE Cloud Volumes Block. It is design to demonstrate the movement of data from on premise datacenter to the HPE Cloud Volumes and then being able to access that data from a public cloud vendor.  In this lab, we are using AWS to access the data, but HPE Cloud VOlumes has the capability to also access the date from MS Azure and Google.

Hardware & Software

HPE Virtual Nimble Storage system

HPE Cloud Volumes console

AWS EC2 instance

Win10 data creator