NetApp Disaster Recovery as a Service Lab

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Solution Overview
Ensure your organization maintains business continuity in the event of system failure. World Wide Technology teamed up with NetApp and Equinix to bring you a complete DRaaS solution sandbox. ONTAP offers enterprise-class storage management features to reinforce your DR strategy for deployments in your data center, near the cloud and in the cloud with features such as data replication, high availability and storage efficiency.

Goals & Objectives

This lab uses hybrid cloud for a cost effective disaster recovery solution, leveraging NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP, Ansible Tower and Azure connected with  Equinix ExpressRoute. It demonstrates: 

  • Shared storage between two NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP nodes on different domains. 
  • Data replication across hybrid and multicloud architectures using NetApp SnapMirror and OnCommand® Cloud Manager.
  • Failover/failback scenerios.
  • Cloud Volumes ONTAP storage efficiency features including thin-provisioning, data compression, deduplication and data tiering.
  • Data cloning using FlexClone technology to clone instant, writable volumes for DR testing.

Hardware & Software

  • Cloud Volumes ONTAP
  • OnCommand® Cloud Manager
  • NetApp A300 All Flash FAS
  • NetApp SnapMirror
  • Equinix ExpressRoute
  • Microsoft Azure Cloud
  • Ansible Tower
NetApp Disaster Recovery as a Service
Cloud Volumes ONTAP from NetApp brings the trusted enterprise-class storage management features of on-prem ONTAP storage systems to Azure. It can reinforce your DR strategy in Azure, serving as the underlying storage management system, or serve as a DR storage management on its own. In either case, Cloud Volumes ONTAP adds value with features such as data replication, high availability, and storage efficiency.