NetApp ONTAP Select SDS Lab

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Solution Overview

Deploy NetApp ONTAP Your Way. ONTAP has long been the storage operating system of choice for NetApp's FAS and AFF storage appliances. ONTAP Select brings NetApp's data management capabilities to the software defined storage world. ONTAP Select enable customers to deploy and manage ONTAP in a virtualized environment built on VMware or KVM.  

This provides you with cost effective and flexible options for deployment at the edge or in the data center. ONTAP Select provides enterprise class storage features and functionalities such as highly available deployments, data reduction, synchronous or asynchronous replication, snapshots, cloud tiering, edge caching and much more in a software defined package that will support up to 400TB of capacity.

Goals & Objectives

In this lab, you will be able to deploy an instance of ONTAP Select using the ONTAP Select deploy utility in a VMware environment using VSAN as back-end storage.

Once deployed, you will be able to explore the similarities and differences between ONTAP select and Data ONTAP operating on an appliance such as:

  • Disk confiugration
  • Raid group configuration
  • Aggregate management
  • Fabric Pools

Hardware & Software

  • ONTAP Select deploy virtual appliance
  • ONTAP Select virtual appliance
  • VMware ESX hypervisor
  • VSAN storage