NetApp SolidFire

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Solution Overview
NetApp SolidFire storage platform provides a scale-out all-flash storage platform designed to deliver guaranteed storage performance to thousands of application workloads side-by-side, allowing massive consolidation under a single storage platform. SolidFire clusters can be built as small as 4 nodes or as large as 100 nodes, while independently adding more performance or capacity based on what resource is being exhausted.

  • Always on in-line efficiency (Compression, Deduplication & Thin Provisioning)
  • Rest based API for automation
  • Fine-grain QoS (min/max/burst per volume)
  • Volume replication, snapshots, and cloning
  • Automatic data and load distribution among all nodes/drives (raid-less "Helix" data protection)
  • vSphere integration (SIOC/QoS plugin, vvols, & traditional volume provisioning) 

Goals & Objectives

The purpose of this lab is to enable you to get familiar with the SolidFire / ElementOS graphical user interface and to explore the features and functionalities offered by the storage platform.  In this lab environment you will be able to: 

  • Provision LUNs
  • Create Quality Of Service (QOS) policies and associate them with LUN
  • Apply LUN masking 
  • Explore the functionalities of the integrated REST API explorer
  • Explore the replication capabilities of the platform
  • View the built-in performance monitoring
  • View the network configuration

Hardware & Software

  • Four SF4805 iSCSI nodes (2x10GbE and 10x480GB SSD)
  • 17 TB available
  • per node 50,000 IOPS
  • ATC cluster ~200,000 IOPS