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Netskope Data Loss Prevention

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Solution overview

Netskope's Data Loss Prevention solution is designed to be easy to use but also highly customizable. Gain deep visibility into data everywhere, automatically discovering sensitive data and preventing it from leaking. Netskope prevents data breaches and helps to ensure regulatory compliance. In this lab, not only will we be looking at Netskope DLP but also Web Content Filtering, Cloud App Control, Remote Browser Isolation, as well as Generative AI Blocking.

Netskope's Web Content Filtering ensures that users cannot access websites they should not be able to on a corporate network. Users can justify their reason for attempting to access the material should it be work related. Netskope's Cloud App Control allows users to still access websites but prevents certain actions from taking place on those sites. This allows for the prevention of confidential information being uploaded to a personal storage account but still allowing uploads to a corporate storage. Remote Browser Isolation uses pixel rendering to generate an interactive image. Users click on this image instead of the real website, protecting them from any potentially hidden danger or malware. Finally, utilizing a combination of these features, Netskope can block or limit the use of Generative AI to ensure regulatory compliance.

This interactive lab shows example use cases for all of the above as well as hands-on examples. Without any further delay, let's begin!

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