Next Generation Central Office (NGCO)

29 Launches
Solution Overview
The WWT Next Generation Central Office (NGCO) is built on an Intel/QCT/Red Hat reference architecture to deliver zero-touch provisioning of secure SD-WAN services (to enterprise branch locations) from the network edge. 

The NGCO project goal is to create a single rack solution for all applicable use cases (enterprise, mobility and residential services) rather than the per function NFV use case approach being adopted by many today. 

The solution is based on a model for offering managed or unmanaged services using enterprise vCPE paradigms (thick or thin) and includes QCT's NFV infrastructure design for scalability and efficiency; Red Hat's OpenStack Platform 13; a disaggregated network fabric powered by Cumulus Network’s Linux network operating system; Cloudify’s open source orchestration platform; and Fortinet’s Fortigate Secure SD-WAN.

Goals & Objectives

The purpose of the lab is to highlight the benefits of deploying enterprise-based services from a service provider network edge that's built on hyper-converged infrastructure.

Users will have access to a Red Hat OpenStack 13 sandbox environment where they can seamlessly deploy Fortinet's Secure SD-WAN service via Cloudify's orchestration tool. 

Hardware & Software

3 Controllers + 11 Computes
QuantaGrid D52BQ-2U
  • 2 x  Intel Xeon 6152
  • 384 GB RAM 
  • 2 x 480GB SSD 
  • 1 x Intel XXV710-DA2 for OCP 
  • 2 x Intel XXV710 Dual Port 25GbE SFP28 PCIe Adapter
  • 1 x Intel QuickAssist Adapter 8950 (10/4)

1 Management Server
QuantaGrid D52B-1U
  • 2 x Intel Xeon 6152
  • 384 GB RAM
  • 12 x Intel SSD DC P4500 1TB
  • 1 x Intel XXV710-DA2 for OCP

  • 2 x T4048-IX8 (Cumulus Linux NOS)

  • 1 x T1048-LB9 – 48x1G + 4x10G (Cumulus Linux NOS)

  • Red Hat OpenStack Platform 13
  • Cloudify Orchestrator
  • Fortinet FortiGate/FortiManager