Nokia 1830 PSS Lab: Provisioning Connections With NFM-T

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Solution Overview

The purpose of this lab is to familiarize the user with operational provisioning tasks available in NFM-T (Network Functions Manager - Transport). The lab begins with the user adding/discovering the two available 1830 PSS Nodes. Once this has been completed the user will then load the commissioning file, which is used to validate and provision each NE. After each NE has been validated and provisioned, the user will then proceed to create the first of two Infrastructure Trails. Once successfully implemented, each trail will require power balancing in the A-Z and Z-A direction. Reversing the process, the user will perform the steps to simulate decommissioning and uninstalling of the Infrastructure Trails and the Nodes to conclude the lab.

Goals & Objectives

By the conclusion of this lab, you should have completed the following with the use of NFM-T:

  1. Added/discovered Node 1 and Node 2.
  2. Loaded EPT (Engineering Planning Tool) xml commissioning file for Commission and Power Balancing.
  3. Validated and provisioned Node 1 and Node 2 per commissioning xml file.
  4. Created two Infrastructure Trail circuits, one on each of the two diverse fiber spans, utilizing the Best Practice template.
  5. Executed Power Balancing bi-directionally for each Infrastructure Trail.
  6. Decommissioning and uninstall of Infrastructure Trails and Nodes.

Hardware & Software

  • NFMT - (
  • 1830 PSS-32/1830 PSS-16 II (1830PSSECX-12.0-5)