Solution Overview

Calm provides application automation and life cycle management for the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud and public clouds. It orchestrates the provisioning, scaling and management of applications across multiple environments to make the entire IT infrastructure more agile and application-centric. Building an enterprise or service provider cloud solution with Nutanix Calm helps organizations with delivery and ongoing management of infrastructure, applications, and custom services, leading to lower OPEX.

Calm enables organizations to deploy with existing or new business processes and tools and to deliver a very flexible, highly automated and intuitive self-service experience for the end user. It supports private, public and hybrid cloud implementations.

Calm defines applications using simple blueprints that administrators can easily create and deploy. IT managers can use pre-integrated blueprints or create their own and publish them to the Nutanix Marketplace. IT can empower other teams, such as application developers or lines of business, to set up and manage applications from the Marketplace in a self-service manner, while retaining full control of the infrastructure. 

Organizations can now fully automate hybrid cloud architecture deployments, scaling both multi-tiered and distributed applications across different cloud environments, including Nutanix AHV, VMware ESXi, Amazon Web Services (AWS), AWS GovCloud, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Microsoft Azure. 

Calm's versatility makes it easy to maintain control over provisioned virtual workloads and applications through its centralized provisioning structure, governance, infrastructure, and application management capabilities. For example, administrators can use Calm to manage applications and associated virtual machine life cycles through built-in processes for:
  • Request
  • Approval
  • Provisioning
  • Management
  • Scaling
  • Reclamation
  • Decommission 

Lab Diagram