Optical Data Center Interconnect (DCI): Cisco NCS 1002 Lab

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Solution Overview
This environment utilizes two NCS 1002's for point-to-point transport of various sized wavelengths. Two slices are being used on each device: the first contains 4 x 100G clients mapped to 2 x 200G trunks operating at two different wavelengths; and the second contains five 4 x 10G clients mapped to a 1 x 200G trunk operating at a third unique wavelength. All client and trunk optics are connected via our Calient S320, with one of the wavelengths in the first slice is being routed through our NCS 2000 DWDM system while the other two are direct connections.

Goals & Objectives

The purpose of this lab is to provide an environment that will walk through the steps of configuring the slices of the NCS 1002 for various types of traffic via CLI. The NCS 1002 can also be provisioned via Evolved Programmable Network Manager (EPN-M) but that is outside the scope of this setup.

Hardware & Software

Hardware and software include:
  • 2 x Cisco NCS1002
  • 2 x 200G trunk line side
  • 2 x 10G ports client side
  • IOS XR ver. 6.5.2


What's Next?
Learn more about Optical Networking, stay up-to-date with the industry and the new technology we have at WWT.