Optical Data Center Interconnect (DCI) - Infinera Groove G30

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Solution Overview
 In this environment we have a single Infinera Groove G30 chassis equipped with dual CHM2 modules that are connected to each other via the line side (or trunk) 200G ports and 100G/4x40G clients ports to simulate a two node point to point network environment. 

Goals & Objectives

The goal of this lab is to provide a secure environment that will walk through the step by step of building an underlay network and overlay network in terms of configuration that is entered either manually via Windows (VM) thru any PC/ OS Remote Desktop Program (RDP) to have access to the secure command line interface (CLI) to provision a Point to Point connectivity data center inter connectivity scenario. 

Hardware & Software

The Hardware and Software inventory of this environment are as follow:
1. 1x Infinera Groove G30 chassis
2. 2x CHM2 Modules
3. 2x 10Ge client ports
4. 4x (4x10G) client ports
5. Software version FP. 3.0