Optical Data Center Interconnect (DCI): Infinera Groove G30 Lab

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Solution Overview
In this environment, we have a single Infinera Groove G30 chassis equipped with dual CHM2 modules that are connected to each other via the line-side (or trunk) 200G ports and 100G/4x40G clients ports to simulate a two node point-to-point network environment. 

Goals & Objectives

The goal of this lab is to provide a secure environment to walk through the steps of building a point-to-point Data Center Interconnect (DCI) network. This is entered manually via a Windows (VM), through any PC/OS Remote Desktop Program (RDP), granting access to the secure command line interface (CLI). 

Hardware & Software

The Hardware and Software inventory of this environment are as follow:

  1. 1 x Infinera Groove G30 chassis.
  2. 2 x CHM2 Modules.
  3. 2 x 100Ge client ports.
  4. 4 x (4x10G) client ports.
  5. Software version FP. 3.1.1