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Programmability Foundations Lab

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Solution Overview

With the adoption of automation, traditional engineers need to learn new skills. With this lab, engineers will be able to develop associate level skills that will help them begin their journey down the path of infrastructure automation and network programmability.

Before You Get Started...

This lab assumes a fundamental understanding of Python. If you are unfamiliar with Python or need a refresher, the following links from Cisco DevNet are great resources to help increase your understanding of Python, as well as help you develop the basic skills required to complete this lab.



Goals & Objectives

Upon completion of this lab an engineer will accomplish the following:

  • Learn the foundational skills of git, including cloning a repository, branching and pushing data back to a central server.
  • Learn the basics of consuming and using docker containers to provide a standard development environment on your local workstation.
  • Learn to manipulate data using the pandas Python library as well as creating and testing a Python function to parse and normalize Tabular Data.
  • Learn to interact and program with APIs using tools such as curl, Postman and Python.
  • Learn to program in python using the Test Driven Development(TDD) methodology.
  • Learn to program using Model Driven Programmability (RESTCONF, NETCONF, YANG)

Hardware & Software


  • 1 x CentOS Server
  • 2 x Cisco CSR 1000V
  • 1 x Cisco APIC
  • 2 x ESXi Hosts
  • 1 x VMware vCenter


  • GitLab
  • Docker
  • Python
  • Postman
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Code
  • RedHat Ansible Engine
  • yang-explorer