Pure FlashRecover Powered by Cohesity Lab

13 Launches
Solution Overview

Pure FlashRecover, powered by Cohesity, is the industry’s first modern, jointly-engineered solution designed to meet the most demanding business-continuity requirements and enable new business opportunities. WWT brings this integrated solution to life in the Advanced Technology Center. This schedulable lab will showcase the best of Pure Storage with Cohesity, leveraging VMware for data protection scenarios.

Goals & Objectives

In this lab, users will learn the basic fundamentals of the Cohesity software suite, see how it integrates with Pure Storage FlashBlade, leverage VMware resources to test backup and restore operations and emulate development and test software scenarios with Cohesity.

Hardware & Software

  • Pure Storage FlashBlade 7 X 17TB
  • Cohesity Four Node FlashRecover Cluster
  • Cohesity Data Protection Software Suite
  • VMware ESXi Environment to test backup/restore operations