RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle (IGL)

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Solution Overview

This lab represents a demo and sandbox environment for RSA's Identity Governance and Lifecycle suite (RSA IGL). 

RSA IGL is a complete solution for managing digital identities, both inside and outside of the enterprise. The RSA solution covers all aspects of governance and identity lifecycle, including provisioning, entitlement assignment, access reconciliation and approval. 

Note: This lab has been newly updated with the latest version of RSA IGL and additional functionality. 

Goals & Objectives

The primary goal for this lab is to familiarize the user with the features and functionality of RSA IGL. The lab guide provides a guided walkthrough of several of the automation features provided by RSA IGL. The lab can also be used as a sandbox environment to facilitate additional learning and testing. 

After completing this lab, the user will know how to:

  • Use RSA IGL to automatically provision base user access (birthright access) and role-based access (RBAC)
  • Use RSA IGL to automatically remove user access when they are terminated within a integrated HR system (leaver)
  • Use RSA IGL to perform various types of audits related to user status and access:
    • All access review
    • Discrepancy review
    • Elevated group review
    • Adhoc mover review
    • Non-employee review


Hardware & Software

This lab is entirely virtual. It includes an instance of the RSA IGL Suite (v7.2.1), as well as instances of the following components that would be found in a real-world scenario:

  • OrangeHRM HR Server
  • Active Directory Server
  • Payroll application
  • Finance application
  • File server with file shares