Segment Routing Lab

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Solution Overview
Segment Routing, viewed widely as the next generation of MPLS, makes the network more scalable and intelligent while improving capacity utilization, leading to lower cost and greater user satisfaction. Segment Routing leverages source routing by providing a simple, stateless mechanism to program the path a packet takes through the network. It is extremely robust and delivers greater control and flexibility than ever before. This lab provides a hands-on environment that can be used to gain familiarity with the key concepts and various configurations of Segment Routing.  

Goals & Objectives

The purpose of this lab is to establish and reinforce basic MPLS and Segment Routing concepts. You will learn how to configure Segment Routing (SR) over an ISIS IGP. 

The configuration exercises include:
  • Defining prefix SIDs
  • Deploying LDP versus SR-MPLS label preference
  • Creating a SR Mapping Server
  • Using BGP extended community coloring of prefixes to create explicit-path SR policies
  • TI-LFA Link and Node protection. 

Hardware & Software

  • Seven IOS-XRv9k v6.5.2 routers
  • Three LSR or Provider(P) routers
  • Two LER or Provider Edge (PE) routers
  • Two Customer Edge (CE) routers