ServiceNow: Cloud Provisioning with Morpheus and Ansible

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Solution Overview

This lab explores how cross-platform integrations enables multi-cloud self-service and DevOps orchestration. 

ServiceNow's Service Catalog provides end-users with a familiar and centralized locale for submitting, monitoring, and executing requests. From there, Morpheus takes orchestration to the next level - coordinating activities across platforms to provision and configure cloud resources.

While this lab demonstrates provisioning and configuration in an on-prem vCenter environment, the same model can be applied to all major public and private clouds.

Goals & Objectives

This on-demand lab provides a safe environment to evaluate the functionality of Morpheus' integration with ServiceNow for the provisioning and configuration of cloud resources. This is the best starting point for understanding the solution and how it can provide value to your organization.

Hardware & Software

  • ServiceNow (Orlando release)
  • Morpheus
  • Ansible
  • VMware vCenter (v 6.7)
  • Infoblox
  • GitLab