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ServiceNow ITOM: Intro to Discovery

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Solution Overview
ServiceNow is the market-leading tool for Enterprise Service Management. Also known as the “Now Platform,” it's a leader in the application Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS/aPaaS) space. ServiceNow aims to consolidate an organization’s data, business processes and knowledge into a single System of Action.

In this lab, you'll become familiar with some of the basic concepts around the Configuration Management Database (CMDB), the Discovery application used to populate the Configuration Items (CIs) and their underlying relationships. You'll also learn how to configure a MID Server and gain the ability to troubleshoot some common Discovery issues.

Goals & Objectives

By the conclusion of this lab, you'll have learned how to do the following in ServiceNow:

  • Create a MID Server user.
  • Install the MID Server application on a Windows server.
  • Validate a MID Server with your ServiceNow instance.
  • Discover the MID Server.
  • Learn the basics of the ECC Queue and Discovery logs.
  • Evaluate the CMDB’s Identification Rules.
  • Troubleshoot issues found in the logs.
  • Create a Discovery Credential.
  • Discover another Windows Server, Apache Web Server and MySQL Instance.
  • Evaluate a Dependency Map.

Hardware & Software

  • 1 x ServiceNow Instance
  • 2 x Windows Server 2016