Solution Overview

In this lab, we will leverage multiple components to automate the deployment of a CentOS VM to either vCenter, VCF, AWS or Azure. You will have the choice of utilizing ServiceNow or the vRA Service Broker to perform the deployment. Further, we will leverage the vRA Ansible Core integration to do post deployment setup and configuration of a MySQL database, utilize PowerShell ABX code to perform custom resource and deployment naming, vRO with custom PowerShell scripting to accomplish MS DNS record handling, and lastly InfoBlox for our IP address management.

This lab will will be broken into two parts. Modules 1 through 7 will walk you through each of the different integrations and how they were configured within the lab. Modules 8 and 9 will allow you to get hands on and perform the deployment yourself through either ServiceNow or the vRA Service Broker.

This lab will take approximately an hour to complete and you can skip any of the review modules you wish.

Lab Diagram