Troubleshooting Business Transactions With AppDynamics

Solution Overview

The AppDynamics UI features monitoring and troubleshooting tools that provides engineers and developers with a Business Transaction oriented view of performance. The Business Transaction list shows an overview of the monitored transactions within the business application. Using this feature, you can view detailed key performance metrics such as the number of instances of this transaction, average response time, and errors. AppDynamics takes snapshots of individual instances of a transaction under certain circumstances that contain a cross-tier view of the processing flow for a single invocation of a transaction.

Goals & Objectives

During this lab you will: 

  • Identify Business Transactions with slow response times
  • Locate and review a Transaction Snapshot
  • Review a Call Graph
  • Troubleshoot Business Transaction Errors
  • Export a Transaction Snapshot

Hardware & Software

  • WWT AppDynamics Controller (SaaS)
  • MovieZtream Windows VM (Win-MovieZtream)